Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
NO. St. THomas talks about intrinsically efficacious grace. Me also talks about merely sufficient grace. According to THomists, all men are given merely sufficient grace to be saved. BUT this "sufficient grace" is not ACTUALIZED unless God first ENABLES it with his enabling grace. An the ENABLING grace of GOd is intrinsically efficacious. Therefore, all who are elect and destined to be saved, WILL be saved, not against their will, but because he enables the sufficient grace that he gives in the hearts of some men. Others, he passively reprobates by simply NOT electing them to salvation.

This is related to the issue of "proximate power." That's somewhat off-topic.

Now, AUGUSTINE is a tad different. Augustine sees all grace that is given is given only for one end: to draw the soul to God. All grace, even if it be of different types or species, is oriented toward the salvation of man.

Now, specific types and OCCASIONS of grace ARE in fact resisted by man. There is no doubt, because I have been there. But for Augustine, "grace" is not simply a momentary grace, grace is the work of God in the soul throughout

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