Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(08-04-2011, 04:15 AM)Gregory I Wrote: SO TELL me Molinists.

What is it in Particular about Molinism that you find worthy of belief? Despite the fact that it is Novel...

It can hardly be considered novel, as it is older than Vatican I by...300 years?  

I would say as someone who's a tentative "molinist" (honestly I believe that catholics who die in the state of mortal sin go to hell as always taught by the Church, so I'm not sure it's as useful a debate as not), I believe that what CS Lewis had to say about mankind (that demons and Satan believe us to be "spiritual amphibians" and hate us for our exercise of freewill) is mostly accurate, and that our exercise of freewill and choice to love God are important to him is a defining characteristic of mankind.  
I would counter: what do Thomists believe to be worthy of belief?  And I mean, aside from "Aquinas or X believed it to be so".  

Sorry about the use of Lewis, I realize most will go "oh he's a heretic".


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