Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(08-04-2011, 02:41 PM)Norbert Wrote: Yes, but saying "Aquinas says this" and expecting that to settle it while igniring molinist thinkers is a specious form of an argument from authority...leaving aside the "evidence" for a second, why is it that you feel that Thomism is the only acceptable way to view God?

How do you expect to settle any issue at all if not by citing authoritative texts? If people have cited St. Augustine, St. Thomas, the Council of Orange, Popes, etc., it's precisely to drive home an important point with the back up of renowned authorities, it's not just to "flash a badge" so to speak.

I believe that Augustinian and Thomist views on predestination are more in line with Scripture and the concepts of divine omnipotence, sovereignty, justice and mercy. Certainly, this is not an easy topic and there's an inherent mystery in how free will and God's immutable decrees work together that can never be fully explained. Nevertheless, some key concepts must be held by necessity of revelation and logic. In this thread alone, Gregory has expounded abundantly on this issue, as well as Walty and INPEFESS.

I think the matter has been well presented.

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