Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
(08-05-2011, 08:53 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote:
(08-05-2011, 05:14 PM)Melkite Wrote: So then, is seeing the face of God literally seeing the face of God, or is it metaphoric for comprehending God in some sense that we are incapable of comprehending now?  In the east, we have theosis, of which I'm sure you're aware, but that isn't a constant, it's ever increasing.  Is the beatific vision gaining greater clarity of God?  And is there any sesne in the beatific vision of a divine essence that is eternally unknowable?

We will never, ever, ever fully understand God in Heaven.  It is an eternal "now" and a complete lack of successsion of time.  Every "second" we will grow in knowledge (I think I heard a priest say that once) but we will never fully understand Him.  I think that is mind-shatteringly beautiful.

Fr Altier said that Christ's human nature will also never fully understand God, but of course in His divine nature He does.  Crazy, huh?  [Image: 20100108063328!Exploding-head.gif]

That's a horrifying watermelon-like explosion.

It's even more horrifying if you consider the possibility that it is a real explosion of a human head.

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