Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Once you bring predestination into the equation, presumption is pretty much unavoidable, despite what St. Paul wrote.  It's no wonder Calvinism developed out of Augustine's theology; presumption is intrinsic to it.  It would have made more sense to say our salvation depends entirely on our cooperation with God's grace if one wanted to cut out presumption.

Also, the quoted scripture on sin entering the world is not so explicit as trent saying we inherited guilt.  We did not exist as persons yet when Adam made a personal choice to sin.  We are the inheritors of the effects of his sin, and we have inherited a fallen nature which prevents us from being able to avoid sin on our own.  This is how Adam made sin enter the world.  But it is entirely illogical to suggest that we can be personally guilty for Adam's personal sin.  If such is the case because we were all 'in' Adam at the time, then you would not only be personally guilty for Adam's sin, your forefather, but also personally guilty for ALL your forefathers' personal sins because you were equally in them as you were in Adam.  And yet we know from Scripture that God does not hold the son gulity for the sins of his fathers.  Trent is either wrong on this point or there must be another way to interpret it.

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