Can we extricate ourselves from Molinism?
Here is a relevant quote from St. Thomas (although it is not specifically about final perseverance)
"St. Thomas Aquinas" Wrote:Summa Theologica  Ia IIae

Question 113. The effects of grace

(In Article 2 he establishes that the infusion of grace is required for the remission of guilt, i.e. for the justification of the ungodly?)

Article 3. Whether for the justification of the ungodly is required a movement of the free-will?

I answer that, The justification of the ungodly is brought about by God moving man to justice. For He it is "that justifieth the ungodly" according to Romans 4:5. Now God moves everything in its own manner, just as we see that in natural things, what is heavy and what is light are moved differently, on account of their diverse natures. Hence He moves man to justice according to the condition of his human nature. But it is man's proper nature to have free-will. Hence in him who has the use of reason, God's motion to justice does not take place without a movement of the free-will; but He so infuses the gift of justifying grace that at the same time He moves the free-will to accept the gift of grace, in such as are capable of being moved thus.

Here grace only comes with the free cooperation of the will, but at the same time it is (in the ultimate sense, although beyond our understanding) God who moves the will in us without violating our freedom.

"Moves" means causes, not just gives irresistible temptation.

All good things are caused by God, including our free willing to pray.  By His grace we do all supernatural good.

But prayer matters for us, and it is from us.  Surely no one receives final perseverance without praying for it (even if not by that name!).

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