Nun Retribution Kit
I actually found one on I was going to post a link, but changed my mind. I'm calling Amazon.

A note from Simon Rafe through Real Catholic TV...

Share this around if you will; we recently received this email. I cannot confirm that the calls to customer service etc. happened BUT I have certainly seen these games on sale. We did not write this article; it was sent to us.
Nun-retribution Kits for Sale locally
Yes, this marketing and disrespect is shocking and it's time for Catholics to make their feelings known.
A casual trip to Barnes & Noble, a quick log on to Amazon or a quick Google search for " nun-retribution kits" will show up several products, by Running Press, Philadelphia & London. Running Press uses this phrase "nun-retribution kits".
For example:
Flying Nuns: "A ton of nun fun! The perfect game for anyone plagued by nightmares of long lost Sunday hours! Kit includes a miniature Notre Dame cathedral catapult from which to send six scowling nuns flying onto a "Judgement Day" landing mat. Also includes a mini-book with rules of this habit-forming game."
Nun Bowling: "Nuns have had a great run. Ever since sister Act establishes they could be cool and fun as well as severe and scary, the habits have been flying into stores and off the shelves. As a great addition to the new trend this deliciously fun bowling set presents ten praying nun pins, one Satanic fireball, and 32 page introduction to the nun bowling sport. Many adults still have nun-phobia left over from their childhoods. This kit offers a healing experience that, at this price, is the cheapest therapy you can get."
Think about it a minute. Would there be a kit of Flying Imams? Gay Bowling? Marketing labelled: Imam Retribution Kits? Or Rabbi Retribution Kits, etc. We think not. Why is it acceptable for places like Barnes & Noble and Amazon and Running Press to profit from marketing Anti-Catholic prejudice?
I spoke with Steve, the manager of the Colonie Center Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago. He gave me the general B&N Customer Service number which I just got around to calling yesterday (delayed by gall bladder surgery). Steve was extremely professional and I think even somewhat shocked himself. Needless to say these mini game kits which are sold on revolving wire racks near the check out counters at both Colonie and Mohawk Commons stores are probably for sale in every B & N store.
When I spoke with Matt at the 1-800-962-6177 Barnes & Noble Corporate Customer Service line, he took notes on my complaint and said it is Case # 197-023, he will notify the store managers and district managers. I said that wasn't enough, I want these products out of every Barnes & Noble store.
I also called the Catholic League (Bill Donohue's group) and told Gabrielle what I had done with Barnes & Noble, said I would keep them apprised.
Would any of you be willing to take five minutes to either call Barnes & Noble or the manufacturer, Running Press and protest this Nun-Retribution Kit trend?
As you all know, we are not talking about senses of humor here. We are talking about anti-Catholicism as being the last "acceptable" prejudice. We know that nuns like Mother Teresa, who cared for people left to die alone in the streets, is being dishonored by this. We know that nuns like St Rosa Venerini, who began the practice of education for all girls in Italy, is being dishonored by this. Every prayerful, humble, self-sacrificing nun treating patients in the wilds of Africa, innoculating infants in Central or South America, or living in the South Bronx caring for the poor and marginalized in this society, is being dishonored by this.
Changed my mind about the link Here's Amazon's #  1(800) 201-7575. I just got off the phone with them. The guy sounded shocked. I don't know if he was shocked by the game or shocked that I complained.
I wrote a review.  And I'm not surprised that it's not showing up.
I believe nuns and other sisters are largely responsible for what's wrong with the Church before, during and after Vatican II, so I just can't muster the strength to be offended by this.
(07-21-2011, 02:35 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: I wrote a review.  And I'm not surprised that it's not showing up.
Thanks. I'm back on the phone with them now about Nun Bowling. I'm starting to lose my composure...

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