Beer or Wine?
Varus Wrote:
Kephapaulos Wrote:I drank my very first actual beer in Rome on Thursday, March 23. :D It was roughly half of a 33cL bottle of Budweiser.

If that is the case, then you still haven't had your first beer.

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LiberalJew Wrote:The CRAP that they put into WINES IN THIS COUNTRY gives you HEADACHES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have had wine many times in Italy and France and the feeling is different. NO HEADACHE! Sorry, for my rant against food additives in this country.

Wine gives me headaches as well. One time I had two glasses and I had to lay down it was so bad...I find it is mostly red wines that do this. It is good to know it might be an American thing. I am going to Madrid in May and will report on any difference.
Since redwine (mostly) gives me headaches, I like Guwurztriminer (Sp?).
I also like XX.
There is something called a Michelada that is very popular in Mexico. It is basically a salt rimmed chilled glass mug with a beer and half a lemon. Very refreshing...
I was going to say something about you Americans probably not knowing what beer is, and generally sing the praises of good old traditional British ale (never chilled).
But then, after all this talk of additives, I now wonder whether or not any of you get to experience good wine either!
You poor souls!  [Image: biggrin.gif]
Anyway, in order of preference:
Red wine
British Beer
White wine
Non-British beer.
Guys if you can, get your hands on one of the best red wines ever!
Its called Wolf Blass Grey Label, Shiraz.
Its about $40 a pop so I dont know how much in yanky dollars it will cost, but wrap you lips around it if you can.
Otherwise, drink beer.
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Shiraz is my favorite wine. I recommend it to everyone.

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