SSPX vocations outlook
According to recent statistics from the SSPX the USA has an almost equal amount of seminarians as France.

Also in the statistics I have noticed a general downward trend of ordinations in the USA like this year only 1 American was ordained.

What do you think of the future in terms of either France pulling away with seminarians or the USA pulling away with the number of seminarians?

I just would like to know the general trends. Also keep in mind that the SSPX is going to build a new seminary in Virginia,USA and move the Winona one there.
I have read that the spread and success of the FSSP and other similar fraternites have made a dent in the need for the SSPX.  Dioceses that brought them in, found that the SSPX retreated.  Many who are attached to the Traditional Latin Mass are happy to be in an FSSP or similar parish and will go in that direction. Couple that with Rome saying the SSPX priest do not have faculties for confession, etc. makes for some roadblocks too, I should think.

Anyway, that is what I have read.
It almost seems that eentually the SSPX will decline given the growing abundency of TLM organizations - importanly, ones that are in communion with Rome.
Actually 5 priests were ordained at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, MN this year: one was a Benedictine for Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Silver City, NM:

There were actually two Americans ordained - one was the Benedictine monk. The others are from other parts of the world, but Winona is supposed to be an international seminary as are all seminaries of the SSPX.

By the way, 11 deacons were also ordained at Winona, so that shows what is forthcoming for next year!
It might be due to the nuttiness in the SSPX. I hear that there's less of it in France.

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