Good Catholic MP3's (blogs, sermons) you'd like to recommend?
I would like to recommend Father Hardon's courses. Many are now available on a single mp3 disc that used to come in cassette tape sets.

The two I have listened to are Angels and Demons and Catholic Sexual Morality. They are only about $16 each for the mp3 disc that would have been about $38 if purchased in cassette.

These courses probably run about 12 hours each.

Do a search on Father Hardon if interested. The small company who provides these materials is out of Beardstown, KY. Cardinal Burke is on the board of advisors. They'll even send you a nice catalog.

Father Hardon is precise and my only problem is trying to listen later in the evening while laying on my bed. He puts me to sleep, not because he is boring but due to his quiet and deliberate delivery. So I recommend listening while sitting upright with your eyes open.


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