The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
(07-27-2011, 02:44 PM)Aenigmata in Tenebris Wrote:
(07-27-2011, 02:36 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: You obviously haven't been listening very closely to the talks or even paying attention to what's going on in the Church as a whole, have you?

Come back and talk to me when more than ninety percent of the Bishops aren't steeped in heretical and erroneous thinking.

Actually, I have -

Read the always vague, always hopeful, press releases and progress with Rome on negotiations to reach an agreement. It's a non-stop sales pitch the whole way.

I'll return to my first question - co the point was NOT to reach a settlement or agreement?

Apparently it was for the SSPX and Rome to take stock of the situation.  This is what the Italian superior is saying, not some goof-off with a blog.

What's wrong with sales?  The SSPX has an important mission to accomplish and that hasn't deviated much since Archbishop Lefebvre, has it?  It's about doctrinal clarity, validity, truth and the Liturgy. 

Are these things unimportant?

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