The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
By the way, I'm not suggesting that an unerring Church should have no bad or evil members as that goes against my rational observation of humans.  We've all witnessed recently how people in positions of authority can do nutty, bad, or strange things which surprise us all.  Not less on this forum.

What I am suggesting, however, is that if the majority of cops failed to "protect and serve" or the majority of teachers failed to educate then we would say that the police and the teaching profession had erred and gone wrong.  This is how we judge situations.  We observe the reality and draw conclusions.  Why does the Church have a free pass on this?

The majority of Novus Ordo priests and laity, in fact, and by direct observation and conversation with a sample of them from all over the world, actually hold to a different set of beliefs than me.  They believe in Universal Salvation or at least salvation through other religions, they believe that the Mass is a Meal, they believe that truth is mutable and subjective.  And they teach those beliefs widely and crush or ignore opposite beliefs that were held for over 1000 years.  This alone is proof that they MUST believe in mutable truth.  Otherwise they would all be acting irrationally.  And this does not seem likely.

The majority of Catholics don't even know their faith.  A minority believe in the Real Presence and a majority use contraception within marriage.

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