The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
(07-27-2011, 04:41 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote:
(07-27-2011, 04:40 PM)ggreg Wrote:
(07-27-2011, 04:37 PM)Aenigmata in Tenebris Wrote: "As the Divinely appointed teacher of revealed truth, the Church is infallible. This gift of inerrancy is guaranteed to it by the words of Christ, in which He promised that His Spirit would abide with it forever to guide it unto all truth (John 14:16; 16:13). It is implied also in other passages of Scripture, and asserted by the unanimous testimony of the Fathers." appears to me that is has erred.  Look around you.  Observe the "catholic" world and compare it to the faith of your fathers.  Chalk and Cheese.

That's his point, I guess.

But we've had masses of non-practicing, semi-believing Catholics before.

Wow, who are you. You are the most self-approving individual I have had the misfortune of meeting. Everything you say is by your own word, and when you have made a mistake, you jump to denial.

I was just fighting for the teaching of the Church, which I quoted and you criticized.

Well, I'll admit when I make a mistake - I said interdict above - I meant formal suspension. "On the other hand, acts of jurisdiction become null and void after a suspended cleric has been denounced by name, because the Church has power to deprive one totally of jurisdiction."

And to quote you: doctrine much?

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