The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
Your counter example is mute. It has never been proved that Athanasius was excommunicated as the letters are very commonly thought to be forgeries; if not forgeries, at the very least written under duress.

Even if the event were true as you allege, nobody commenting on the event has said that Pope Liberius would not have had that authority. Your reference to a event shrouded in debate and mystery does not undermine the fact that the Church claims authority and jurisdiction to suspend prelates for defect in faith or for disobedience. I kindly referenced a source that alluded to that teaching.

The true Church has always claimed the authority to rule and act as I have referenced. It is a historical fact that Archbishop Lefebvre received a notice that he was suspended "A Divinis". Canon Law was compiled with all historical contexts in mind, and still reserved the rights of suspension to the Roman Pontiff.

"In consequence the Sovereign Pontiff Paul VI, on 22 July 1976, in conformity with [c*.] 2227, in virtue of which the penalties that can be applied to a bishop are expressly reserved to him, has inflicted on you suspension a divinis provided for in [c*.] 2279, §2, 2o, and has ordered that it take immediate effect."

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