The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
(07-27-2011, 05:34 PM)ggreg Wrote: Augustine Baker is close, but no banana.

My point is simply this.  You throw around the term "the Church" but you actually mean two different things.

There is the visible Church of hierarchy which we are suppose to be obedient to because it is "the Church", but when it errs and contradicts wholesale what it taught for 1000 years before then it isn't "the Church", any more just a lot of naughty bishops and "the Church" is the mysterious Schrodinger's Cat Church in the invisible intangible box which we cannot say is error because we cannot ever know exactly where it is or what it looks, smells or tastes like.

This makes about as much rational sense to me as Quantum Mechanics or the evolution of one species into an entirely different species which is zero sense.  It rankles with my rational mind and it seems as stupid to ignore that rational, reasoning mind as it does to jump out of my life raft mid-ocean because I think voices are telling me that a floating restaurant is passing by.  They are not.  And if I leave the life raft of my sanity I will surely drown.

We are rational beings as you say. By Divine revelation we have been given Marks by which we know the Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. It is indefectible and infallible or there is no religion at all. When we ask protestants to join the Church, we show these Marks, and ask them to decide for themselves what entity posses these Marks. We them tell them that by Divine revelation, they must belong to this entity, called the Catholic Church. We are expected, as are our protestant and non-Catholic friends, to use our great gift of intellect to discern by God's guidelines.

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