The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
(07-27-2011, 06:27 PM)ggreg Wrote: Twelve Bishops might be pushing it.  I know of just four who exclusively say the old mass.  And technically speaking they are excommunicated from the Schrodinger's Cat Church.

Well, I travel the world operating industrial equipment. I know of the four with the SSPX, at least three with other societies in Mexico, there are six Eastern Rite bishops in the Ukraine that I am familiar with, and I thought there were nine or so in this country. Of course they are all SSPX, sede vacante, or sede privationists, which makes a difference to a lot of people. They've all claimed the same amount of supplied jurisdiction... I've been around the block a long time with all of them, and it is my opinion that they are all equal (although I am sure many will disagree). I haven't traveled much in Asia or Africa, so I don't know about those continents.

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