For The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart
I have asked a Society priest about the intentions attached to this 54 day novena of rosaries.  I was told it was fine to have more then one intention. 

If someone is not comfortable with that as may be the case for one of the posters, since their priest told them differently, maybe it is best if you do what you think is right according to what your priest told you.

I certainly don't want to cause confusion for anyone.  I am simply going by what I was told by my priest.

As to whether or not it is of any use to continue to ask and pray that Russia be consecrated as Our Lady asked, I see it this way...if Our Lady has come back since her appearance at Fatima, and since her appearance to Sister Lucia and said nevermind forget about what I said earlier, don't worry about consecrating Russia, then someone please let me know.  If not then as I see it, and many in the Church see it, her request is still valid and needs to be fulfilled.

We intend to pray for this, and we intend to pray with confidence to Our Lady.  There is no way to know what fruits our efforts will have, but we know that prayer is never a waste of time. 

It is not necessary to have many prayers said, only that prayer prayed is prayed well.

If one Holy Communion can make you a saint, then it only takes one tiny little soul praying in earnest to make a difference.  We have many tiny little souls praying in earnest.  All that we ask is that if you are so moved...then please join us.

God bless

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