For The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart
Dear nomine Patris,
You may of missed DMA's post.
Here is her reply below.
The Priest she asked about this is SSPX, and also the Priest who (on the Crusader's site) led us in the Consecration.
Maybe, maybe different Priests have different opinions....but I have always had more than 1 intention in the 54 day novenas.
God bless you.

(07-28-2011, 02:32 PM)DMA Wrote: I have asked a Society priest about the intentions attached to this 54 day novena of rosaries.  I was told it was fine to have more then one intention. 

If someone is not comfortable with that as may be the case for one of the posters, since their priest told them differently,
maybe it is best if you do what you think is right according to what your priest told you.

I certainly don't want to cause confusion for anyone.  I am simply going by what I was told by my priest.

God bless

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