When is it right to reveal a confidence?
Sure!  It's book VI (The Precepts of the Decalogue), part VIII (The Eighth Commandment), chapter V (Secrets).


There's a mistake in the online text; it goes from page 293 (Lying) to 394 (Secrets).  If you can, "Control-F" should allow you to search the text and make it easier to scroll down to the relevant section.

Dominic M. Prümmer, O.P., Handbook of Moral Theology: "A reasonable cause for revealing a secret is the urgent necessity of either the public or private good. ... the public good must have precedence over the good of the individual ... The good of the individual may refer to either the person who is aware of the secret, or to the person who benefits from the continued preservation of the secret, or to some third party.  Where there exists a need it is permissible to reveal a secret for the benefit of any of those three persons" (sec. 295, p. 135f.).

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