Voris responds to Shea... This is getting good
We just had a brewhaha at another social media site I'm on about this. The neo-con/neo-cath crew were rejoicing that Voris was banished from WYD. The trads were agitated because Voris hasn't taught anything heterodox. He only speaks out against fallible opinions that are against church teaching. It amazes me how the neo-caths shun people once that embrace trad Catholicism. Its amazing how they either like Voris or tolerated him as a neo-cath, but once he started speaking like a trad and calling out the foolishness, he was considered "intolerant." Now Voris is a renigade, disrespectful, rude to the hierarchy. Apparently the neo crew really are ultra-obediant to the extreme. Criticizing fallible opinions by the hierarchy on everyday things is now disrespecting them. Being disrespectful is what McBrian, Kung, and Pfleger do. They actively shun orthodox teaching for protestantism.

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