Voris responds to Shea... This is getting good
As I stated in an earlier thread on Fr. Corapi, I suspect that because of the rise of traditional Catholicism, orthodox conservative (opposed to liberal conservative) catholicism is now under attack.  This is right out of secular politics, in order to keep Tradition from getting back into the "mainstream" there must be a new "extremist" position and that position is going to be orthodox conservative Catholicism in order to push back against the rise of Traditionalism and the influence it will have in forcing the conservatives to pick a side eventually, orthodox traditional Catholicism or what used to be called and still is heresy, schism and apostasy. 

I expect to see any manly approach to Catholicism attacked by so-called conservative bishops at some point, with emphasis on "obedience" or some other excuse to prevent any sort of expression of militant Catholicism.

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