Voris responds to Shea... This is getting good
Augstine Baker Wrote:Unless one is severely impeded? Surely you realize the canonical expectations with respect to distance traveled?

Surely you realize that is part of what the Church considers an impediment worthy of dispensation?

Augstine Baker Wrote:Does that canon require you to attend the NO?

The situation we are currently in is quite unprecedented in the history of the Church and I'm afraid I'll simply defer to those more intelligent than I or to future figures of authority who acknowledge and address this crisis.

Quote:Anyhow, this is simply proof that I can hold the Catholic Faith without the Liturgy.  One is superior to the other and more essential to your salvation.

Lots of people have the Catholic Faith without ever having seen a priest, much less a Mass or even a TLM.

Have you no comprehension of what public worship is? The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office (the two sanctioned forms of Liturgy) dispense grace to all members of Holy Mother Church, even those who are physically incapable of attending through no fault of their own. So the answer here is no. No, no Catholic could ever even hope to possess the theological virtue of faith without the grace of our Lord with the Sacraments being the most efficacious conduit, given to us by Christ Himself.

You need dogma and worship.

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