Voris responds to Shea... This is getting good
Augstine Baker Wrote:And I'm saying that Dogma and the Catholic Faith it is expressed in is more important than the Liturgy.

You are wrong. Analyze what you're saying. What is Liturgy? Liturgy is the official public worship of God as given to us by Christ and conserved by His Church. What is the primary purpose and end of doctrinal instruction? To lead souls into the worship, honor and love of their Creator.

Dogma is to know God. Liturgy is to worship God. Both the knowledge of God and the worship of God are equally necessary for salvation. Period. To divorce the two and force them into a superior/inferior hierarchy is not only foreign to Catholic thought, but bespeaks a total ignorance of the very nature of the Holy Mass.
Augstine Baker Wrote:Here is another: If I'm catechizing someone, I'm going to start with what must be believed

Which ought to include the absolute necessity of the Sacraments and the manner in which the grace to assent to the doctrines of the Church is principally derived from the merit of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for all members of Holy Mother Church (in whatever approved liturgical rite). If you understood the nature of Liturgy as being "public" worship, this would be abundantly clear to you.

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