Voris responds to Shea... This is getting good
Augstine Baker Wrote:Just spell out what you're going to say.
Christ, sir. Christ gave us the Liturgy. He gave it to the Apostles on Maundy Thursday to be perpetuated by them and their successors until the end of time. The Liturgy was given to us by God as the most efficacious means of grace, the means to propitiate the wrath of God and the most perfect form of worship to be rendered to Him (i.e. the end and purpose of life itself).

Augstine Baker Wrote:Being comes before Liturgy
What are you talking about? Are you claiming that there was a point in man's existence where he did not render worship to God?

Augstine Baker Wrote:The Anglicans have Liturgy as do the Ortthodox, but especially in the case of the Anglicans, Liturgy becomes meaningless.
Any form of attempted worship of God that exists outside the confines of Holy Mother Church is false worship and hence false liturgy. Even in the case of the Orthodox who possess valid Sacraments, the merit of those Sacraments is null when it is done (or received) in willful adherence to their schism. In other words there is no Liturgy (worship) outside the Church.

Augstine Baker Wrote:the Liturgy itself has no meaning outside of the Dogma.
Dogma has no meaning, purpose or use if it does not lead man to worship God.

... you teach Catechesis, Augstine ... ?

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