What is the Family/Domestic Church?
What is the Family/Domestic Church? From the Catholic perspective?  Have any of the Saints written about the family and how to raise children? Or any of the Popes, etc.
You mean the family or home as a domestic church? It's a term I became familiar with through devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the home enthronement.
(07-29-2011, 02:37 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: You mean the family or home as a domestic church? It's a term I became familiar with through devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the home enthronement.
Right, I meant Domestic Church. Thanks for the correction. With all the crazy changes, Fundamental Secularist are trying to make, redefining marriage and the family, I am looking for resources/guidance on writings of the Church, Saints, CCC, Clergy or Lay who have written on the family. What a family is and even family upbringing in the Catholic/Christina tradition, etc.?
Did a little search and found this. It has links to lots of official documents on the family, incl. the 1980, 'Charter on the Rights of the Family'.


My Life with Thomas Aquinas: Vol.1, The Integrity Series
by Carol Robinson

Chapter after chapter on how to apply St. Thomas's teachings to modern society - and why we must do so if we are to have any hope of leaving this world with our souls intact.

Far from being an esoteric philosophical treatise, this book is eminently practical, engaging, and highly rewarding for any Catholic. Each chapter was originally an article in Integrity magazine.

307pp, softcover

Raising Your Children: Vol.2, The Integrity Series

Confusion prevails about the job of bringing up children. Integrity magazine, a post-WWII journal by lay Catholics for living an integral Catholic life, has been sifted for insightful articles on every aspect of raising children:

-Teaching Children to Pray
-Purity and the Young Child
-Creative Activity
-The Dating System
-Crisis of Faith in Youth
-The Vocation of Parents
-Marriage for Keeps and MUCH more all in short easy to read article-chapters.

256pp, softcover

Fatherhood and Family: Vol.3, The Integrity Series

Fathers are essential for a Catholic America.The question is, "What do fathers do?" Forward-thinking Integrity magazine gives answers:

-Men, Mary, and Manliness
-The Family Has Lost Its Head
-Economics of the Catholic Family
-Afraid to Marry?
-Glorifying the Daily Grind -The Heroism of the Big Family
-Bringing the Church into Work
-and MUCH more, all in short easy to read article-chapters.

200pp, softcover

Always check the main site first.  I can't tell you how many times I've done a search and later realized that Vox had better info there than the other sites I visited.  I have read the entire website but sometimes I just forget to look there.

This will keep you busy for a while reading, especially if your click all the links:


And the site below will keep you busy even longer.  The owner is a Fisheater but doesn't post often.  She sells some things, including mantillas and religious-themed quilts which she makes, but also has tons of info about preparing for economic chastisement, growing your own food, making shrines in your yard, devotional corners in your home, and much more.


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