Handling and dealing with heretical material.
Just came back from buying some bread and stuff for breakfast. As I was leaving the store I was confronted by Jehova Witnesses, now of course confronted more in the terms of met with or they happen to see me and thought they had a mark. Now usually I ignore them and keep walking without saying a word. However today they caught me in a bad mood, of which I will not go in to.

Making a long story short, as they tried to give me their idiotic material I pretty much told them in no uncertain words "you are lucky i do not have lighter because if I did I would burn that heretic crap right in front of them." as I walked away I threw the watchtower in to the ground and did not look back.

I am not sure I did the right thing. I have often prayed to God to give me more patience when dealing with heretics may be not been so hot tempered. Any suggestions on how to handle this in a better way, next time.
When i was a kid two Mormon men knocked at the door.  My Father politely invited them into the house and offered them drinks and pastries.  He politely listened to their speal, and afterward just began respectfully asking one pointed question after another and then switched to talking about the Catholic faith.  Those men were in our home for about two hours and by the end they clearly wanted to leave as they just weren't able to answer my fathers questions (my father had a M.Div). 

After they left I asked my father why had he invited them in?  He said it gave him the opportunity to share the faith with them and plus by holding them captive as it were he prevented them from converting any people during that time :) 
There was nothing fundamentally wrong with what you did, Unum Sint, but you could have handled it in a better way.

It's always better to be polite but sometimes harsher words will bear fruit too. Perhaps they never heard anyone say to their face in plain terms that what they believe is heresy. It can wake them up. The fundamental idea is that these JW see Christ in you: nothing more, nothing less.

If you'd thrown in "This is heretical material, it deceives you about God and will lead you to Hell," and stomped on the material, it would have been even better.   ;D

You made their day, though.

Sorry to tell you that but JWs love to tell stories about people "persecuting" them by slamming the door or swearing at them, threatening them, ordering them off their property.  I know this for a fact.  When family members become JWs, other JWs sometimes forget that you're not one of them so I've been privy to some interesting conversations between Witnesses. Never be rude to JWs unless you want to make them happy. 

You could ask them why JWs shun anyone who stops being a JW or why they spy on each other and tattle about each other to the "circuit servant."  That makes you sound like you know something about how things work with them.  And it is true, believe me.

You could ask them why Bethel (that's how they refer to the Watchtower Society HQ and printing operation, which is in Bethel, NY, so again, you show you're informed) -- ask why Bethel ruled that when a child says he or she has been abused by one of the brothers, the child should not be believed unless the brother named by the child and another brother confirm the incident.

Imagine the stink there'd be if our bishops were saying that children who say they've been abused by a priest are not to be believed unless the accused priest admits it's true and another priest says he witnessed it. 

It's easiest to tell them politely that you have The Truth and will pray for them to find it.  Make sure they know you're part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and it may be several years before someone will be brave enough to come to your home again.  Of course these you encountered were in a parking lot. 

I might say to them: "I'm glad to see you're witnessing in public instead of bothering people in their homes.  Jesus said to preach the Word, not to go door to door and intimidate people.  He preached in public.  He went into homes only if he was invited there and He didn't work a territory."  (They have to work a certain territory that's mapped out for them, they have to put in so many hours a week, sell so much material, and turn in cards recording all this.)

They are so brainwashed in preparation for witnessing, so prepared with an answer to everything someone might ask, that it's very difficult to debate with them.  If you really want to do it, do a search for "Catholic ex-Jehovah's Witnesses", a site where Catholic ex-W's explain how to counter what they say, how to take away the reference they depend on (sort of their Cliff's Notes) and force them to concentrate on the Bible.  There may be a couple of such sites.  They have forums and discuss things that happened to them when they were JWs.

You could try asking them why they will only read the Bible approved by the Watchtower Society and who created it.  You could tell them the real history of the Bible, why the Vulgate and then the Douay-Rheims are true to the ancient scriptures. how Luther threw out a lot of the Old Testament that Jesus and the Apostles knew.

Their Bible, from what I've read, was not translated from anything.  The men who worked on it didn't know any languages but English and what they did was to take an English Bible and change verses to fit the beliefs they'd developed over the years.  Of course JWs will not want to believe that.  But raise some questions about who did their Bible's translation and how they were qualified to translate from Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. 

They change their beliefs periodically and then will deny they ever believed the old tenet.  They used to forbid their members from playing chess but later decided it was OK.  They've changed the date for the end of the world many times.  I remember when it was going to be 1975.  When it didn't end in 1975, they pulled some switch like saying it did end but people didn't notice; it ended in the sense that Jesus took power in the world.  Of course they believe Jesus is an angel, Michael, I think.

Edit:  Yeah, this was a rant, sorry, but I didn't say everything I could have. The WTO makes me go ballistic. They tore my family apart.  It's hard to forgive that.

I know, I know and my mistake is that I fall in to the sin of anger. As a revert I tend to have a chip on my shoulder about the Faith. Not quite as bad as converts who are just on FIRE for the most part but I do tend to over react.  ;)
Jehovas' Witlesses should be used as slave labor on your property and fed sugar cookies and spiked punch to slake their thirst, so you can convince them to return later for more arbeit.
(07-31-2011, 06:00 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: Jehovas' Witlesses should be used as slave labor on your property and fed sugar cookies and spiked punch to slake their thirst, so you can convince them to return later for more arbeit.

Thats a bit much.
(07-31-2011, 06:17 PM)Unum Sint Wrote:
(07-31-2011, 06:00 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: Jehovas' Witlesses should be used as slave labor on your property and fed sugar cookies and spiked punch to slake their thirst, so you can convince them to return later for more arbeit.

Thats a bit much.

You don't say!

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