Traditional Catholicism As Revival Movment
(08-01-2011, 07:52 PM)m.PR Wrote: American tent revival?  :puke:

Traditionalist Catholicism is more intellectual than that (and besides, it was born in France!). Further, it has nothing little to do with nostalgia, contrary to what you are implying. Mind you, it's bizarre that American religious revivals would be about a return to old religion, since they were Protestant and by that nature revolutionary. The only American religion that I can see has some similarity with Catholicism is Wesley's Methodism, as the man even read and admired The Imitation of Christ.

Now, if by "old religion" you mean emotional caveman religion, then I can see how American religious revivals had to do with that. But that is far from what the Catholic traditionalist movement is about. It seems to describe the 1960's mess, though.

I am not implying that traditional Catholicism is about nostalgia. 

Revivalists have always believed that the faith has been hijacked by modernity (or crypto-Roman Catholics) and have sought to return back to the roots of Christianity. Obviously, evangelicals are wrong about what the nature of those roots are. 

I am thinking less tent revivals, and more about movements seeking to revive the faith among the people. 

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