Traditional Catholicism As Revival Movment
This is a revival though that must be worldwide and better not fail!  Also it is unlike other revivals who's opposition is from secular forces, this one is opposed within and without. And the fact that JESUS only established one church on earth where salvation can be found makes Satan want to obscure that fact and let people believe they can find salvation wherever they sincerely believe it to be as long as their sincere.
So you think that the supernatural experience of conversion has been mediated, in the US, by a profane kind of 'revivalism'? It sounds like some Harvard Jew's theory. 

"I think your question would be more interesting if you connected it to pants somehow."

It is good for males who are traditionalists to wear pants.
I did make the prediction on this forum about a year ago that the next great revival movement in the US would be a Catholic one. Not only that but it would decidedly tilt America towards becoming a Catholic country.

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