Hi, guys.. I eliminated the "Harbor" sub-forum, moving the first page of posts to the proper respective categories. I moved the threads Quis wisely had pinned there to the "Hellos, Goodbyes..." sub-forum.

I was requested to set up a board for Catholics looking for work. I was asked to make it a child board of the "About Men" sub-forum, but instead chose to put it under the "Market" category. If any of you know of good jobs out there, or if any of you are seeking positions, post there and maybe something good will happen!

Keep praying I get my computer soon (and find a job myself!). Anyone wanting to donate to the cause of feeding my big fat belly is more than welcome. Vox needs ice cream (like a hole in the head)! (donate here)  Mark any donation for such a cause with "This is for Vox's big fat belly."  The site, though, will be fine at least until the end of August! 
The looking-for-work forum is a great idea.
I suggest that the Looking For Work Forum be put under the patronages of St. Joseph(Feast Day March 19) and St. Cajetan (Feast Day August 7) who are both Patron Saints of work.
Aw, I liked the Harbor. But I understand why it's gone.

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