Do you pray the Divine Office?
(09-17-2011, 02:23 AM)charlesh Wrote:
(09-16-2011, 11:49 PM)InfinityCodaLMHSYF Wrote: I've started praying the Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, though praying all the Hours is hit and miss for me at this time.

Question: Can this be prayed sitting down, I mean is this proper and normal? 

Do you know about this?

No I do not and thank you.
Yes, at least morning and evening prayer daily.

My 4 volume set belonged to a holy priest.  He died young of severe diabetes and willed the set to a friend of mine. But my friend used his father's set and so gave me the priest's set.  They were vinyl which I would never recommend so I had them rebound at a bookbinding company and they are in good shape now.
I pray the Liturgy of Hours now and am learning the Roman Breviary.
God bless you all in your just attempts at devotion and piety. I just don't seem to have the time (or money) to invest in the DO. 
I (because of my great laziness and lack of organization) pray the Office inconsistently.  I try to pray Lauds, Vespers and Compline from the 1962 Roman Breviary (I actually use the diurnal published by PCP).  On good days I'll also pray Prime and the other smaller hours.

I have considered stopping this entirely and switching to the Little Office, so that I could say all the hours ... but then I wouldn't be saying the actual Breviary, I don't know ...

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