New Book Quoting post-Conciliar Hierarchy Reaffirms Traditional Catholic Stance
On August 15, 2011 a new book titled Reasons for Resistance; The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church Speaks on the Post-Vatican II Crisis by Jason A. Roberts, O.S.S.M. ( Queen of Martyrs Press) will be released. It cites over 50 members of the Church's hierarchy ranging from popes to cardinals, bishops, priests and one deacon (all in "good standing" with Rome) wherein they criticize Vatican II, the Novus Ordo Missae and other post-Conciliar liturgical rites and practices. Some of the quotes are familiar to traditional Catholics, others perhaps are not, yet all are illuminative in regards to the post-Conciliar crisis in the Church. It will also prove useful to traditional Catholics when presenting their case to non-traditional Catholics, proving that their reasons for remaining traditional have been articulated by the members of the Church's own post-Conciliar hierarchy. Catholics will be able to easily present their case for resisting the a full assent to the belief that Vatican II was infallible and participation in the post-Conciliar rites with this book by showing that through the words of the the members of the Church's hierarchy, all Catholics have legitimate reasons to resist the post-Conciliar novelties. Reasons for Resistance will be available through, and it will be priced at $6.99, containing 78 pages and comes in a convienent pocket-sized edition. A link will be provided to the book  on the forum when it becomes available.

I can see the Cardinals and bishops denouncing that they have been quoted in this book.
It looks like a self published book
The reason why the book is printed by is because it is more economical, particularly for the consumer, to have a print-on-demand method of making the book more readily available.

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