World Debut Cristiada movie August 17
(08-13-2011, 02:49 AM)Scipio_a Wrote: Not saying masons were not involved....don't know....don't care.....because UD was....and now I am asking for the CAUSES...the masons were not the CAUSE...even if they were involved in the solutions (flawed as trhey were)...

the whatever got folks pissed off enough to dump their .gov....the question is....what was that....
The faith, the only religion in Mexico, was standing on a string.
The government, following the communist agenda, took control of the churches (buildings), outlawed priests, outlawed public mass.
The people got really pissed off. When the government started using churches as stables, and the altars as "tables", the Catholics said, enough is enough.
Curiously enough, the pressure from the American bishops for a ceasefire was intense, but the Mexican bishops did not heed their calling. Not until the US bishops spoke to Pope Pius XI, and the holy father (without full knowledge of the situation in Mexico) asked the Mexican ordinariate to call for a truce and a ceasefire.
If there is anything that could be said about Catholics in Mexico (for better or for worse) is that they have blind obedience to the bishops.

In Mexico, more Cristeros died during peacetime, than during the war.  (No more guns)


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