World Debut Cristiada movie August 17
This looks like a must see for all of us.  When it comes out stateside, this will be the one movie I go to see this year (in 2010 it was Inception.)

As for you Scipio and your question..

It is a fact that American Freemasons spread their spore to Mexico and this directly led to the near annihilation of the Faith in our neighbor to the South.  Indeed, this was the case across Central and South America.  In Ecuador, the President did an about face, consecrated his country to the Sacred Heart - and was assassinated by a group of Freemasons.

But if you don't like reality, I guess you can just say the following: Mexican Catholics saw the Faith nearly annihilated because they refused to adopt laissez-faire free trade with no regulations.  Medievalists wanted to make the Faith the state religion, and this is impossible in the Modern Era because it leads to government involvement in economic matters, so the stubborn Catholics had to learn the hard way that only though American capitalism could they reach salvation.

Or it was punishment for attempting to 'steal Texas' from glorious America.  Or it was St. Patrick punishing Mexico for not surrendering to America sooner.  Or whatever Americanist fantasy you want to accept as truth.

God bless.

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