World Debut Cristiada movie August 17
(08-14-2011, 12:45 AM)Underdog Wrote: Ok...then basically y'all don't have any friggin clue.  Yer just repeating a talking point...that is not a first cause.  Just like the communist revolution in Russia was not a first cause...there was a reason behind the PEOPLE of Mexico turning against the Church...and it wasn't just because freemasons poisoned the well.  Freemasons were able to poison the well (spread their bad ideas) because of something...a first cause (perhaps a weakness of faith formation...or distrust of clergy...i dunno)  I'm guessing that the economy sucked rotten eggs in Mexico...maybe because of meddling clergy...and that's the reason the people turned against the Church and voted in a secular govt.  I'll go read about what was taking place up till the secular govt was elected.  Thanks.

Tolle lege!

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