Humility and Tradition
This post is about how I can criticise the Church without losing humility.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a Catholic friend of mine. He was a lapsed Catholic and I brought him back into the faith by the power of the Holy Spirit by explaining to him teachings on chastity and bringing him to a Latin Mass etc.

I thought he had a sufficiently mature faith and I nolonger thought he was a newbie, so I could be more honest about my opinions. Yesterday, I met him for a beer, and I spent some time criticising the state of the Church. I heavily criticised modern Catholics for being totally ignorant of the faith and I made the point that myself and my friend had a duty to know the faith inside and out to explain it to others and help re-evangelise society. He did not like this idea. It struck me that he did not want to put the effort in. If I may be mean, I do not think he has any interest in evangelising anyone, or at least does not think it is his problem. He thinks that the laity simply receive the faith from the priest and nothing more. It is not their duty to learn the faith off their own bat.

I also attacked cafeteria Catholicism and cultural Catholicism saying they were mis-leading the masses, superstitious, and that they were a false representation of the faith. This did not go down well at all.

He then accussed me of not being humble and that I shouldn't be criticising others and that I should focus all my attention on myself.

I told him a few weeks ago that my understanding of humility was something that I could work on in that whilst I have read many books on virtues in general and chastity in particular, I have read only a small amount on humility and it was the other essential virtue to get into heaven.

I pray the rosary every day, pray outside abortion factories, try and learn the faith inside and out, and talk about it with everyone, bringing many people to Mass with me.

I deeply want to be humble as I know no one can get into heaven if they are not humble. I'm really confused. How can I be humble and be a traditional Catholic? He was telling me things aren't black and white like I make them out to be. Am I supposed to bottle up all this frustration with the Church and never talk about it? How do other people cope with this?

My friendship with this guy has been greatly damaged because I don't think I can talk about the faith with him any more. I think I mis-took him for a traditionalist, or someone who could appreciate the traditionalist position, but last night really proved he can't tolerate it and thinks its the position of a proud mind. Perhaps I have mis-represented traditionalism in some way.

Any advice?
In Christ the King.

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