Hey Houston FSSP is coming at you

No idea why that has not been posted here yet, we all know that our brothers in Houston have been waiting for these news for a very long time.

Through the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and with the permission of Daniel Cardinal Di Nardo of the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, the Catholic Faithful of the archdiocese have been blessed with the opportunity of working, praying, and sacrificing towards the creation of a Catholic parish where the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and all the sacraments will be used exclusively in full union with our Holy Mother the Church. Let us continue to invoke the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and all the Saints for the success of this important project..


I know most FE like to concentrate on the woman woman leading a parish of 3 priests. However here is some good news any way.

:pray: :pray:
Wonderful news!
Is there anyone close to their present Mass site at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton? I would love a ride to daily Mass this Monday the 1st of January 2012.

Please message or email me ASAP even if you only know someone.

YES!  I contacted them during the summer and asked if they could ever come to Texas and I received a well written maybe from one of the head priests.

Now they just need to come to San Antonio :)

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