Christian foes hit the marketplace
Radical proponents of gay marriage have taken the culture war to the marketplace. Rejecting diversity and tolerance, these activists have declared an economic war against any organization that embraces the Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage. They are now contacting retailers asking them to withdraw their association with CGBG, the online charity support group that helps to channel money to various worthwhile organizations, maintaining that some of the recipients are Christian "hate groups." This is a lie.

An anti-Christian force, funded by George Soros, is the forum for these activists. Among the groups they have set their sights on is the Family Research Council, led by Tony Perkins. Perkins is an eminently decent man and a leader in the evangelical community. If these extremists get their way, they will silence the Christian voice. Which is why the bullies must be defeated.

Right now, Catholics need to let three major companies know of their need not to follow the dictates of these anti-Christian forces: Netflix, Walgreens and Petco. We are not asking them to jump into the culture war on our side; we simply ask that they remain neutral.

Contact Netflix:
Contact Petco:
Contact Walgreens:

Let's tell these companies that protestants aren't the only groups who are willing to fight for traditional marriage.  :)
(08-24-2011, 06:39 PM)atlantis587 Wrote: An anti-Christian force, funded by George Soros, is the forum for these activists.

That explains a lot. Soros funds a lot of groups that are against Catholic morals and even natural law.
As Glenn Beck calls him...Spooky Dude George Soros.


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