Truth about Libya
It's too bad that we can't elect Gadaffi for Pres.  The Libyans are far better off than most Americans.

that's certainly not the truth. lol
Libyans ARE not better of the Americans in what way are Libyans batter off then Americans? lol maybe u should move to lybia for the better live and opportunities offered there then? what do u thing?
iv never neeb to Libya but i have been to north Africa to richer countries then lybia. lol and of course Ive lived in America.
u don't understand the kind of grinding poverty in even the richer countries Ive visited Egypt, Morocco. let alone what is in lybia

.then to education
then to job availability
then of course to government support programmes. welfare, etc which do not exist in any meaningful way in nations such as lybia

'pls do demonstrate how Libyans are better off then Americans
i really want to know

how about garbage pick up?
most of the trash would be being burned on a corner in in an aly not being picked up for so lilltle money is circulated. have u ever been to a third wolrd country?
Yeah...and at least so far American Presidents haven't killed millions of American civilians. If you think Libya is better off...then by all means...move there.

Do we really know that Gadaffi is responsible for the murder of millions of his countrymen or is it just the BS propaganda Media is feeding us? 
even if he is not. u must compare living standards, education standards, medical standards, government prossess ect ect.
in no way shape or form are lybians better of then americans.


Colonel Muammar Gadaffi is frequently referred to in the media as a “mad dictator” and “bloody tyrant”, but do these allegations rest in accord with the facts?

Libya consists of over 150 tribes, with the two main groups, the Meghabra living in Tripolitania in the west and the Wafallah living in Cyrenaica in the east. Previous attempts to unite these tribes by the Turkish (1855-1911) and ltalian (1911-43) colonial rulers failed and the country was split in two for administrative purposes.

Oil was discovered in Libya in 1959, but King ldris of the Senussi tribe allowed most of the oil profits to be siphoned into the coffers of oil companies. The coup d’etat on 1 September 1969 led by Colonel Gadaffi had countrywide support. Subsequently, Gadaffi married a woman from the royal Barqa tribe and adroitly unified the nation.

By retaining Libya’s oil wealth for the benefit of all its people, Gadaffi created a near-socialist paradise. There’s no unemployment, Libya has the highest GDP in Africa, less than 5% of the population is classified as poor and it has fewer people living below the poverty datum line than even Holland. Life expectancy. The highest in Africa and 10% above the world average.

With the exception of the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, most Libyan families possess a house and a car. There is free health care and education and not surprisingly Libya has a literacy rate of 82%. Last year Gadaffi distributed $500 to each man, woman and child (population 6.5 million).

Libya has a tolerable human rights record and stands at 61 on the International Incarceration Index, comparable with countries in central Europe. (lower the rating, the lower the standing – the USA occupies the no.1  worst spot!). There is hardly any crime and only rebels and traitors are dealt with harshly.

Anyone who has read Gadaffi’s little Green Book will realize that he is a thoughtful and enlightened leader. Libya has been accused of having committed numerous acts of terrorism in the past, but many of these have been perpetrated by foreign intelligence agencies as false flag operations – the Lockerbie bombing being a prime example.

The CIA, MI6 and their frontmen have been stoking up dissent in the east of the country for almost 30 years. Libya produces exceptionally high quality light crude oil and its production cost of $1 a barrel, compared to the current price of $115, is the lowest in the world.

Riba (usury) is not permitted. The Central bank of Libya is a wholly-owned by the Libyan Government and is run as a state bank, issuing all government loans free of interest. This is in contrast to the exploitative fractional reserve banking system of the West.

The no-fly zone and the bombing of Libya have nothing to do with the protection of civilians. It is an act of war… a blatant and crude attempt by the oil corporations and international bankers to steal the wealth of Libya.

Some Stuff You Won’t See On Your Mainstream TV:
For those who are unaware of what Libya and its historic leader Colonel Muammar Qaddafi have done that has made them the target of the western elite, this video provides a very good introduction to the history of Qaddafi and some of what he has done:

Now, let us take a look at the person they are trying to kill, as he drives around the city during the NATO bombings. Gaddafi, A Libyan Hero (video taken during NATO bombing of Tripoli, April 2011), press the pause button to read the text inserted into the video:Now, let us take a look at the person they are trying to kill, as he drives around the city during the NATO bombings.

Comparing his activity to that of the Obomination Obomber Obama:

The reality on the streets of Tripoli during NATO bombing:

A Canadian Citizen Discovers Qaddafi is The World’s Worst Dictator:

Gaddafi looks like a guy I could get drunk with and enjoy myself.
yes he does.
that doesnt mean lybians are better of though
To some of us, Libya was a model of a country where the available natural resources, benefit (relatively) its peoples. I think that was not pleasing to some of U.
Not to be misunderstood
I'm not supporting he bullshit happining in lybia
that said be realistic
your nor going to be in power for 40 years without doing some awfully bad things to people

my o2

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