Truth about Libya
(08-29-2011, 11:46 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: your nor going to be in power for 40 years without doing some awfully bad things to people

DK: you mean that being in power so long, you will do bad things, or you mean you have to do bad things to stay in power that long?
I mean your gonna have to bad things to people to stay in power that long. I also believe even if your some nice guy who some snatched power it will by it's nature make you do ba things to people to maintain it.
But mostly the first
your nor gonna be in power foe 40 years without doing bad things to people
that's the nature of the state and those who control it. Qsaffi wasn't the worst of the bunch from rhe 20th century by a long shot granted. That doesn't mean hw did do allot of vile shit to maintain is rule
how does one stay in power for over 40 years without doing vile shit to people really now?
That said I don't support rhe current intervention I. Lybia.
I can't personally comment one way or another on this because truthfully I don't know.  But I do know some people that have thought from the start that the rebellion in eastern Libya is a CIA operation.

Imagine if it is true that he did have plans to distribute all the revenue from Libyan oil to the Libyan people.  That is something that we have never seen and probably will never see in the democracies of the West.

Why is the West taking sides in a Libyan civil war? 
[Image: 600px-French-Liberty-British-Slavery-Gillray.jpeg]
The west in intervene ing in lybia bexazue IT HAS INTERESTS.
States do nr have freindship they have interests
your eiher hopelessly niece or a bit dense if u can't gt politics is a nasty game in this ugly falllen world
simply piut
certain nations see it in their I Teresa to get involved so they are
wjhatvia so hard to understand in that?
Has there been a time since the fall when this did not happen?
Oh come on DK.  You didn't have to ask whether I was hopelessly naive or a bit dense.  Smile

I didn't ask the question "Why is the West taking sides in a Libyan civil war?" because I'm hopelessly naive or a bit dense.

I asked the question to get people thinking why the West IS taking sides in a civil war.


And possibly nefarious interests.   

sorry if i came across a bit snippy lad
sip sip sip
long day. even though that was early on.
fealin much better now
Not a problem.

Good, glad your feeling better.  Did that steamy barf help?  LOL
Or was that yesterday.
(08-28-2011, 12:26 PM)irmatvep Wrote: It's too bad that we can't elect Gadaffi for Pres.  The Libyans are far better off than most Americans. 

Well, I wouldn't say all Libyans........ >sad

Luxury, horror lurk in Gadhafi family compound

|By Dan Rivers, CNN Correspondent

Shweyga Mullah, a nanny for Hannibal and Aline Gadhafi, says Aline burned her with boiling water.Moammar Gadhafi told his people he lived modestly during his nearly 42-year rule over Libya, often sleeping in a Bedouin tent.

Even if that was true for the leader, it certainly wasn't for his sons.

At a seaside compound in western Tripoli, the Gadhafi boys enjoyed a decadent lifestyle that his people could only dream about, while perpetrating unspeakable horrors on the staff that served their every whim.

CNN visited the seaside homes Sunday.

The first house we entered was apparently the "party" beach condo with an oversized door that led into sleek, modern, black-and-white rooms. It had been ransacked by the rebels, but still it was spectacular, with panoramic ocean views and plenty of evidence of the hedonism for which Hannibal Gadhafi -- one of Moammar Gadhafi's sons -- is famous.

Discarded bottles of Johnny Walker Blue Label Scotch and Laurent Perrier pink champagne cases littered the floor. Much of the electronic equipment had been plundered, but instruction manuals remained for high end Harman/Kardon stereo components. Cabinets designed to hold two huge TV screens could still be seen.

The bedroom held a circular bed, while the in-suite bathroom was complete with sunken Jacuzzi tub lined with plastic white flowers. Outside, a hot tub, a bar and a barbecue area adjoined the private beach.

Another villa contained a white baby grand piano and more expensive stereo equipment. Next door was a huge swimming pool and diving complex, a gym, a steam room and a sauna faced in white marble. In other house.

We came upon rebels furtively dividing up a huge stash of alcohol. They seemed edgy and tense -- this is the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and alcohol was supposedly banned under the Gadhafi regime.

We filmed them quixotically studying the labels of Cristal champagne and fine St. Emilion Bordeaux, apparently not realizing each bottle is worth hundreds of dollars.

As we were about to leave, one of the staff told us there was a nanny who worked for Hannibal Gadhafi who might speak to us. He said she'd been burnt by Hannibal's wife, Aline.

I thought he meant perhaps a cigarette stubbed out on her arm. Nothing prepared me for the moment I walked into the room to see Shweyga Mullah.

At first I thought she was wearing a hat and something over her face. Then the awful realization dawned that her entire scalp and face were covered in red wounds and scabs, a mosaic of injuries that rendered her face into a grotesque patchwork

Read entire story here;
There's no doubt Qaddafi was probably nothing more than another despotic dictator, a "Muslim" Arab one at that.

I personally have no feelings for him one way or another, if they nailed him with a drone tomorrow, it wouldn't really have no bearing on my life one way or another.

But, we can obviously see what's going on here, Quadaffi or Ghaddaffi (how many damn ways does this guy spell his name?) was just the Muslim Arabic darling of West no to many years ago condemning his own WMD's and  vowing to comply with international inspectors within his own country winning the approval and admiration of Bush and the rest of the "democracies". So all of the sudden, this international criminal of state-sponsored "terrorism" became a good guy and not much was heard or said about him until the recent "civil war" as part of some sort of "Arab spring" combined with the fact that he probably got sick of handing half his profits from oil from that little weasel in Paris so then all of the sudden he is selected for extinction by global corporatist criminals and their minions.

Just what the hell the "Brother Leader" did to deserve being attacked by NATO is beyond me or most Americans at this point. But it's what he didn't do which is the question like, threaten NATO or other nations around him or refuse coperation with U.N. inspectors or be accused of "crimes against humanity" or something to warrant his regime being attacked openly by the West or covertly supporting the "rebels" that ultimately drove him underground in Tripoli.

That is really what one has to ask. Why in God's name did they suddenly feel the need to remove him? I would think it has something to do with the same reasons they removed Saddam Hussein when he also did absolutely nothing to threaten or attack the "coalition" of nations that preemptive-ly invaded his nation and murdered him as well. You can be sure that when they do indeed seize the good Colonel his fate will be sealed as well.


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