Truth about Libya
(08-29-2011, 04:56 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: The west in intervene ing in lybia bexazue IT HAS INTERESTS.
States do nr have freindship they have interests
your eiher hopelessly niece or a bit dense if u can't gt politics is a nasty game in this ugly falllen world
simply piut
certain nations see it in their I Teresa to get involved so they are
wjhatvia so hard to understand in that?
Has there been a time since the fall when this did not happen?
Well I think what you mean is that certain influential parties that either run or have control of the state have interests.

Let's face it, we as the people get absolutely nothing out of these useless wars and conflicts in that part of the world.

Tell me, what are we, which in this country is supposedly what you mean by "the state", [i]we the American people[/i] getting out of all these supposed "interests".

I don't see dollar one or even a significant drop in gas prices or anything for all the trillions and trillions we've spent on "creating democracies" in the ME.
I'm sure that Quadiffi's stance on "human rights" issues concerning homo's,lesbo's, thiefs's and adulterer's didn't go down to well with "world" opinon neither to help his cause;

From Wiki;

Purification lawsSee also: LGBT rights in Libya and Women in Libya

Libya's society became increasingly Islamic during Gaddafi's rule. His "purification laws" were put into effect in 1994, punishing theft by the amputation of limbs, and fornication and adultery by flogging.[70] By Libyan constitution, homosexual relations are punishable by up to 5 years in jail.[71] A Westerner was shocked in 2005 to see Libyan society, saying it was

... a country without alcohol, where the population abides by strict codes of male-female conduct that require both sexes to stay virgins until marriage—there are no dance clubs, no bars, no young couples strolling down the street, holding hands...I go in search of the town hotspot and discover it to be the local internet café, where crowds of young men play video games, enter English-language chat rooms, and examine—however surreptitiously—Western porn sites. It takes me a few minutes to notice that there’s not a single woman in the place. Away from the progressive cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, women stay largely in the home, out of sight. A local man, Mahmud, tells me that women here aren’t allowed to see or interact with males outside of their immediate family, including any would-be husband."[5][72]
Oh don't get me wrong me friend
the People won't get squat from this.

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