New Missal won't change anything
Quote:Galipeau, in a July 11 post in his "Gotta Sing Gotta Pray" blog, said that at his majority-black Chicago parish, "I just don't think this whole argument about the singing of the propers will ever amount to a hill of beans to these parish people. The people have grown accustomed to singing hymns and songs at the entrance and at Communion from a wide variety of traditions. ... A different antiphon every single Sunday might be a bit too challenging for Catholics."

I love the condescension here..."my parishioners are too used to doing things a certain way and are too stupid to appreciate or sing chant."  ::)

Quote:And what, if anything, preceded chant? "Likely, it was hymnody because it was memorable," Father Hilgartner said. "St. Paul does that whole great hymn to Christ -- 'though he was in the form of God.' Is that early hymnody? Is that used liturgically? We don't really know. As one of my liturgy professors used to say, we've lost the videotape."

Bah, liturgy and chant have been part of the Church since Our Lord intoned the Hallel Psalms at the Last Supper.  I thought only protestants tried to claim otherwise.

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