Another Joint Declaration
Anybody else seen news of this?

Quote:For some reason, the Council for Promoting Christian Unity has decided to do a Joint Declaration on the Reformation with the World Lutheran Federation in order to "analyze the Reformation in the light of 2,000 years of Christianity." This is all per Zenit.


The history of this sort of thing is checkered at best. Remember the famous Joint Declaration on Justification that was so afflicted that it required a Catholic "Response" to the Vatican Declaration? Or the Ravenna Statement with the Orthodox which has thus far rejected all of my attempts to interpret it in a Catholic fashion? None of these documents really produce anything except mass confusion. It's not like the WLF even speaks for all the Lutherans. So why are we even bothering?
Does it mean they smoked a joint before drafting it?
This isn't surprising. They're planning a joint Catholic-Lutheran celebration of the 500th anniversary of Luther's revolt in 2017.
I'm going to barf. Luther was such a dog. I can't believe anyone wants to give his theses any play. How about a Declaration of his "greatest hits". You know, like "sin boldly", or "several wives". Need I go on. What a waste of time!
What will they be celebrating at the 500th anniversary that both sides are now completely indifferent, agnostic or atheistic?
#6 already a thread on it
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This might be enough to do it for me. I've been resisting the sede position for a while now, but there is only so much one can take.

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(08-31-2011, 06:31 PM)damooster Wrote: This might be enough to do it for me. I've been resisting the sede position for a while now, but there is only so much one can take.

Quite frankly, I don't blame you.

Those in the hierarchy are simply not interested in proclaiming the truths of the faith. They are a disgrace to all the labour and blood done and shed by the saints of The Church, who gave their all for proclaiming and defending the faith.

If it were going by what the Pope and his ecumenical bishops have been doing for years now, I wouldn't be a Catholic today.

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