Catholic Resources / Websites you would like to recommend?
I'll Start

A Free Program of Divine Office

Confessions of St Augustine Audiobook (enjoyable to listen to)

There's an etext version of Confessions of St Augustine

St Joseph Abbey Spiritual Newsletter

Free Catholic Books

Please recommend anything, ebooks, mp3, keep em coming!  ;D Especially those that has been most helpful
Catholic encyclopedia, obviously.  Also has the Summa:

Haydock commentary on scirpture:

Full Douay Rheims:

Fr Hardon archives:

Fr Altier's fundamentals of Catholicism course:  (25 hours of free audio)

On Thomas Aquinas:
More Catholic Discussion:

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Thank you so much for referring father Altier's link

I would highly recommend Father Altier's Course on Fundamentals of Catholicism - Basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, it is 23 hours free audio.

I am always glad when someone gives the basics of catholicism, being for so long a catholic, I still find treasure in basic teachings of the catholic church..

Makes me really understand the meaning of being a catholic, and very grateful

Very nice for sunday listening

Check "Creation & Original Sin Part 1" as your first listening.... what a consolation in an evil world, and a fallen nature of ours. He teaches that we cannot find happiness, except in God alone.

Creation & Original Sin Part 1
We have to ask: Why did God create the world? Well, He made the world to manifest His perfection, and that is done through the benefits He bestows upon creatures. What is very important is that we understand that God does not get anything out of creation. It does not intensify His happiness in any way, and He does not acquire any perfection that He did not already have. We talked about that last week when we said God is the Supreme Being, “Supreme Being” meaning that He is perfect and there is nothing lacking. We do not add anything to God; we do not give Him something that He did not already have.

So it was not to get anything out of it for Himself, yet at the same time we can say that the world is made for the glory of God. That is the purpose of creation. Having said that, again, keep in mind what we said a moment ago, that God does not get anything out of creation. If He did, it would imply that He could change. And if He could change, it would mean He is not perfect. As I said last week, if He is not perfect then you may as well worship yourself, because why would you worship an imperfect being? An imperfect being is clearly not God. So why did God create the world? First of all, for the revelation of the divine perfections and the glorification which flows from it. Secondly, for the communication of good to creatures, especially to those with intelligence. In other words, God created the world for us. It is a pretty wonderful thing when you think about it. Just look around at all the things that were created –they were created for us. That is the reason God made it. But He made us for Himself. Everything out there God made for you, but He made you for Himself.
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Anything more?
I really like this

Anyone has other recommendations?

Thank you
#9  North American District for the SSPX. Great for news updates and commentary.  Also great news resource.  A lot of us despise the forums, but the info under the Faith Section isn't too shabby. Especially good for vs. Protestants, sects, and false religions in general.  Main FE Website. Very informative about trad spirituality.

I got this , I got this!!

Catholic Dictionary - Fr. John Hardon

Truth and Life, dramatized audio bible with preface from Pope Benedict XIV


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