No Hooters shirts in Mass, please
It should go without saying that my previous post referred to Novus Ordo Masses.

However, I must say that at my SSPX chapel, a good number don't wear Sunday best either. Immodesty is hardly the issue there. But I wish the ladies would put on a bit of makeup, an drop the floppy droopy clothes - let me rephrase that - wear smart, tailored clothes and so forth, instead of the sloppy droopy outfits they wear. Elderly ladies in ankle length cotton skirts and baggy tee shirts and sensible flat shoes look so drab. It need not cost them much to take care of their appearance and dress their best for God. Some don't understand this - my mother in law doesn't seem to. For, one is either frumpy and dowdy and plain, or is a tart, "mutton dressed as lamb". Why the aversion to a little bit of discreetly applied makeup, shoes with a bit of a heel, and elegant tailored clothes? And if one can afford it, a hat rather than a mantilla? (But that is a different matter).

Rant over.

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