No Hooters shirts in Mass, please
(09-07-2011, 06:27 PM)justawoman Wrote: I'd much rather see a church full of people, regardless of what they are wearing, than a half empty one of people dressed smartly. Get them in, get them learning and loving, and it time their dress will change. Nag them ovet their clothes and chances are they'll think 'Well if thats how Christians behave, I won't bother' and you'll lose them.

In some ways I agree. I mean when I went to the NO I would think nothing of wearing shorts and t-shirts to Mass. I would only dress up for special masses like Christmas and Easter. I didn't feel under dressed either as this was what most people were wearing. Then when I started going to the Traditional Mass I noticed people were dressed a lot better. So eventually I started dressing more appropriately for Mass. But for women to dress like they are going to the beach with hooters shirts and short shorts is inexcusable. People shouldn't be wearing this sort of clothing outside of Mass, never mind at Mass. Like I said earlier, St. Padre Pio would chase women dressed like that out of the Church and wouldn't let them in the confessional so I think that shows you how serious he took immodesty in dress.

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