No Hooters shirts in Mass, please
Hi. After living for 4 years in London - where people dress much more formally than in the US or in my native Brazil - I got surprised when I was attending mass here in the US. I have seen old men and women dressed in bermudas and mini skirts, wearing flip flops. I think it's highly inadequate to go to church wearing that kind of stuff. I also think the priest should call attention to this in the bulletins, or maybe talk directly to the person. I certainly notice what people wear during mass, at the same time trying to tell myself not to be judgemental as we shouldn't be (as good catholics). But just because we shouldn't be judgemental that doesn't mean that people can wear whatever they want when going to mass. People may have gotten more casual, but it is the duty of the priest (and the community at large) to bring them back to common sense.

Another thing that bothers me horribly - not linked to this topic - is little children at the mass. Yes yes Jesus loved the children and so on, but children screaming and running don't let me pay attention to mass. In the UK families respected others and only brought their children to the so called "family mass". Here in the US they bring children in all masses. In the UK in my church there was a separate room for the few parents and children who insisted on coming to other masses than the family mass. Here usually there's none. Are you guys bothered as well? Or am I being too radical?

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