No Hooters shirts in Mass, please
(09-07-2011, 06:27 PM)justawoman Wrote: I'd much rather see a church full of people, regardless of what they are wearing, than a half empty one of people dressed smartly. Get them in, get them learning and loving, and it time their dress will change. Nag them ovet their clothes and chances are they'll think 'Well if thats how Christians behave, I won't bother' and you'll lose them.

I don't recall that Jesus ever told anyone that he or she should dress better the next time they came to hear Him preach.  That should tell us something.

The idea of everyone in church dressing smartly is really that most of the people should try to imitate what the few rich parishioners wear, often maxing out their credit cards trying to do so.

(Oh, and buy a nicer car while you're at it, yours doesn't fit in with all our Lexuses and Beemers.) 

I am in favor of people dressing properly for church. I just have a problem with how we're going to choose the people who will define "proper" and how we'll make sure they don't go overboard with setting standards. 

Someone was complaining about old women wearing ankle-length cotton skirts and flat shoes.  Since I've never seen a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary wearing high heels or skirts above her ankles, I think this is acceptable, Mary-like attire. Cotton is a good natural fiber, too, as commanded in the Old Testament.  It's not "smart" enough?  You think it would look smarter if you could see an old, or young, woman's leg braces?  At least one Fish Eater who is not old has said before that she wears long skirts to cover the tattoo on her leg.

And finally we come to the problem of who is going to enforce the standards after they're set.  Turn this over to a parish committee and you'll end up with a divided parish, a mini-schism.   

Just let Father put notes in the bulletin, and sometimes make statements from the pulpit reminding people about dressing modestly for Mass and asking them to dress as if they were going to meet Jesus at church, since they are.                                 


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