New Age Style RCIA Class! (From C.A.F.)
I found this on the pseudoCatholic Answers forum, you know it's pretty spooky when things are too pagan/ protestant for them.
I thought it'd be prudent to share.
Quote:Perhaps many people other then myself are aware of some of the very strange RCIA classes being offered in some parishes. I was shocked this evening after what we encountered and would appreciate some input.
A close family member decided after several years of thought, to at last attend his first RCIA class this week. We went with him for support.
After the opening, brief prayer to begin, each person was given a lit candle, and told to walk in a giant circle around the room. Then these strange words were chanted by all by following the printed hand out's.
A woman would then hold a candle and walk around everyone saying: "We celebrate the gift of fire." Then a reader said: " We recognize the sun, creations, source of energy and life and are in awe of its power to warm the death of winter into spring's green life. We close our eyes before the brilliance and still can feel it's warmth and see it's light against the shadow. Let the sun's rays bathe each of us, the fire's heat warm us. Let it's radiance penetrate deep within us. May the power, the warmth, the passion, and the mystery of fire be given us.
Then another woman starts ringing a chain of bell's, and says: "We celebrate the gift of Air."
The New Age style prose then goes one and on about breathing deeply, blah, blah, blah.
Ending with the words:''The air that now fills our lung's was breathed to Sojourner Truth and Gandhi, by Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King, Jr, Maura Clark, and by Jesus himself.
(At last we heard the precious name of Our Lord Jesus).

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sounds like witchcraft.
I almost have a hard time believing it.
(09-08-2011, 10:58 AM)Dellery Wrote: I almost have a hard time believing it.

Tragically I don't.

I think the New Age threat to the Church, infecting the Church is very, very very serious.

I wish more Trads were thinking about this and I am grateful to the OP for posting this.
Oh my! If this happened at my Church I would talk to the priest and even elevate the chain of command if necessary!
If I were there I would have to seriously restrain myself from blowing out the candles.

Followed by a letter to the pastor and carbon copy to the bishop.

And Michael King, legal name of the Reverand Doctor Martin Luther King was an adulterer, plagiarist, and the most notorious block buster against ethnic Catholics. Not the mastermind of course, but its figurehead and "saint". And the Civil Rights Movement has become the secular religion of the US, if not the world. Even Robert George uses it to promote his half-baked Manhatten Declaration.

Might as well just call it the Manhattan Project.
I think this calls for a whip to drive the money-lenders-in this case pagans-out of the temple.
Classic Wicca b.s.


Not sure I'm buying it...................
I have seen similar things done at a Catholic school retreat.  The parents complained and it was stopped.

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