Marys Birthday today!
(09-08-2011, 09:45 PM)Revixit Wrote:
(09-08-2011, 02:53 PM)City Smurf Wrote: Indeed.  I wanted to place some flowers at Our Lady's altar today before Mass, but no funds!  Good thing though, seeing as the little ladies always running around the church binned the flowers already there and put up fresh ones.

The "little ladies always running around the church" are no doubt members of the Altar Society or Altar Guild who take care of the flowers and candles and altar linens (washing and ironing them.)  If they binned some flowers it was because they had new ones to put up today in honor of Our Lady's birthday.

Next time you want to place flowers on any altar in the church, you should contact the Altar Society/Altar Guild, about donating money.  Flowers are expensive, especially for the main altar, but they probably have a flower fund.  In our parish, the Altar Guild ladies just stand outside the church on two Sundays a year collecting money for the fund.  In summer, especially, flowers used to decorate the altar for weddings serve double duty by decorating it for the weekend.  In my parish, some people will pay for altar flowers in celebrating an important wedding anniversary.   

What was even greater though was Father's vestment.  Only blue accents, but nearly there!

Blue is not a legal color for vestments in the U.S.  I think it may be in some countries, but not here. 

Eh, this is liturgical abuse I can live with. 
Yes Rev I saw that they put up new flowers, which is why I said it was a good thing I didn't put my own down, they would have been binned because I would never have thought to ask.

As for blue, I am aware that it is only legal in Spain for Marian Feasts in the Latin Rite.  However I would like to see it made universal through-out the Latin Rite.  Father's vestments were white with blue crosses.

A step in the right direction ;)!
In my rite blue is always the vestment color for Marian feasts.
There is no prohibition on blue trim or ornamentation. The predominant color of the vestment needs to be white or whatever.

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