Why is GK Chesterton works considered Christian Apologetics?
I adore Chesterton's The Everlasting Man, which is one of the finest arguments in favor of the Faith produced in the 20th century. The book's purpose is to make the case for the Faith.

But, his approach is his own.

And when I first started looking at his writing I had a mixed sort of reaction. I have a wretched lack of patience in general and Chesterton takes his time getting to his point and also maybe it just wasn't time so I set it aside.

But when I went back and picked his writing again, specifically with The Everlasting Man, I fell in love. The book is outstanding. I found that I was able to enjoy the path of Chesterton's thought and as much how he arrives at his point as the point itself -- his perspective and writing truly are unique and a gem.

Please note, I linked to a specific edition of the book. Some books while claiming they're unabridged are grossly truncated for instance cutting out the introduction (which is critical to the book and a joy to read) out entirely.

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